Improved Mileage



Broussard Brothers Intercoastal City, Louisiana

Improved Mileage: 15 to 23%

Every Captain noticed a remarkable change in performance and power. They initially reported less black smoke and then no smoke out of the muffler stacks.


Gulf Coast Concrete Company, Richmond, Texas

Improved Mileage: 19.2%

Total Gases: 35% (Individual trucks had up to 85% reduction)

Improved Maintenance, Vehicle Productivity: 12%


Ronnie Yeaman, Owner “Rebecca” 85-foot Shrimp Trawler

While running under load, she used to pour out black smoke. It is hard to measure fuel burn in a shrimp boat due to the varying conditions of wind, net drag, current, etc. … but I know that with no black smoke, I am burning more diesel in the engine and not blowing it out the exhaust.


Henderson Trucking, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Improved mileage: 25.7% (2006 model with 225,000 miles)

Improved mileage: 16.7% (2010 model with 6000 miles)