Lower fuel costs with the right and responsible fuel treatment

For the economy, environment and our planet


Heavy Duty Diesel

Fuel Economy:


Reduce Emissions (CO, CO2, NOX, UHC, NMHC and Particulate Matter)

>Up to 70%

Removal Existing Carbon Deposits:


Prevents Carbon Deposition:


Average 18 Wheeler Savings:

>$6,000 – $7,000


Carbon Deposits

Reduction Intake Valve:

9 mg

Reduction Exhaust Valve:

2 mg

Mileage for Results:


Reduction Piston Head:

17 mg

Refinery Deposit Reduction:

45% @ 840°C

Refinery Deposit Reduction:

58% @ 835°C

Refinery Deposit Reduction:

62% @ 830°C



New Car Economy:


New Engine Enhanced Combustion:


Expedition Fuel Savings:


Engine Erosion:


Mileage for Results:


New Acura Fuel Savings:


New Toureg Fuel Savings:


  • Eliminates and prevents future carbon build up on fuel injectors.
  • Eliminates and prevents future carbon build up on fuel intake valves.
  • Eliminates and prevents future carbon build up in the combustion chamber.
  • Decreases exhaust emissions.

In addition to increasing the profit margin through fuel one will also save on fleet maintenance by using QUANTUM FIRE. The Catalyst prevents and reduces carbon build up, which accounts for part of the general truck maintenance.

The QFI Catalyst is totally environmentally friendly, containing no detergents, solvents, distillates, chemicals or metals whatsoever. It is also 100% biodegradable, and neither contains nor produces carcinogens.

QUANTUM FIRE always works – always. It can’t do otherwise as it is based upon a fundamental property of physics; charged bodies attract. It does not matter if the particle is the size of an atom or the size of the moon – charged bodies attract.

Developed by a world-renowned quantum physicist after over 15 years of experimental research, the QFI Catalyst is biodegradable and non toxic, contains no chemicals, detergents, solvents or additives, yet delivers smooth high-powered engine performance, saves fuel and reduces emissions while still being totally environmentally friendly.

The QFI Catalyst prevents clumping by separating all of the fuel molecules, which results in almost complete combustion of the fuel. More energy, less harmful emissions and virtually no carbon deposition.

What Our Customers Say
AMEI Test Lab Budapest, Hungary Tests were run at the Budapest Lab and it was determined that using the catalyst Quantum Fire at the specified ratio would not damage an engine.
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Zoltan Kasa
General Mgr, Gabor Farkass. Head of Laboratory
UCLA Chemical Engineering Department I do not expect the introduction of 2 ppm QFI additive to combustion engine liquid fuels should have a harmful effect on either the engine piston chamber or the exhaust system... Therefore, as a consequence of this well controlled experimental study, the QFI additive should not have a harmful effect in combustion applications.
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Selim Senkan
Professor of Chemical Engineering Dept
United States Marine Corps initial testing showed that Quantum Fire Inc. Catalyst produced an improvement in fuel economy on the order of 12% to 18%. The US. Marine Corps was pleased to inform Quantum Fire Inc. that based on the positive results they are now ready to move forward with additional analysis ahead of schedule.
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ilTir J. Lusardi Deputy Program Manager, Light Armored
United States Marine Corps
Working trial included fleet of 25 cement-mixer retail trucks (Packard, Peterbilt, International) ranging in age from 1992 to 2006. Trucks carry 50 and 75 gallon tanks. Improved mileage / fuel economy 19.2%. Improved emissions (total gases and total fleet) 35% (some individual trucks had up to 85% reduction). Improved maintenance and vehicle productivity 12%.
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Faustino Ramirez
Gulf Coast Concrete Company